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Polar Lights Enterprise and Scratch Built Drydock

By Mark Nehmzow

Here is the Polar Lights Refit model and scratch built drydock model. The drydock is 42" in length, has 150 LEDs and is powered by 2 AC adapter transformers. I built the PL Enterprise with open shuttle bay as in The Motion Picture. The ship took about 5 months to build, wire and detail. The ship is mounted through the gangway hatch on the right side of the saucer to to give the illusion that it's floating. The lighting for both models can be controlled by a separate control panel. As in The Motion Picture, three of the hatches or airlocks are in the open positions.

The Drydock was constructed out of sheet styrene plastic, plastic tubes and rods, plastrux tubes, washers, finishing washers, wood pieces fiber optics and copper piping.

These pictures were shot with an 8 second exposure at 100 ASA.

Image: In all its glory

Image: Enterprise powered down

Image: Closer look

Image: Saucer lights

Image: Shuttlebat

Image: Pod

Image: Outside looking in

Image: Left/rear

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