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Dropship Hangar

By Toi Ogunyoku, Jr.

"Aliens" is my favorite sci-fi film of all time. I loved the designs done by Ron Cobb and Syd Mead, especially the USS SULACO. Here is my diorama of the drop-ship hangar from the Sulaco. Everything seen here is 1:72 scale. The drop ships are the Halcyon kits, the Marines, hangar personnel, and hangar equipment are from various 1:72 military sets produced by Tamiya. The A.P.C is a resin kit I purchased in London, England from Comet Miniatures. I installed 12-volt miniature lamps into the A.P.C and Drop-Ship. The A.P.C was hollowed out and the interior detailed with seats, computer consoles, lights and various pieces of equipment. The walls and floors of the hangar were made using foamcore, styrene and syntra. I scratchbuilt the two Power Loaders. The entire hangar is 3 1/2 feet in lenght. This project took me 6 months to complete. I won 2nd place in the sci-fi diorama category at the biannual Chiller-Theatre model contest in 1999.

Image: Servicing the second dropship

Image: Looking down to lower deck

Image: Ordnance and equipment

Image: Powerloader

Image: Boarding the battle bus

Image: There's even activity behind the first ship

Image: Scanning the hanger bay

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