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ISS Tiberius

By Allan Granger

After his defeat at the hands of the Mirror universe Spock, Tiberius Kirk secretly had the ISS Tiberius constructed. Designed specifically to eliminate resistance, this vessel is official designated as a Terran Empire Subjugation Starship. This mighty warship has been based on Starfleet technology from the 23rd century. However, technologies from other species within the mirror universe were utilised as well.

Its on-board weapon systems consisted of two quad-tubed Photon Torpedo launchers, a dual barrelled phaser cannon (Planet Killer) and three smaller pulse phaser turrets. This vessel is also equipped with a state of the art regenerative shielding system. The red shield generators are capable of utilising enemy fire to fortify its defences. They can also redirect the energy to the Planet Killer weapon. With four warp nacelles, this Starship is capable of catching any Starship known within the mirror universe. This vessel is purely the fabric of Tiberius' maniacally inflated ego.

Construction Details

I originally came up with the idea to build this warship whilst reading William Shatner's Star Trek novels. I drew inspiration from some of the models I have seen Jeff Cooper's fantastic Mirror Universe models on this site. This model has been built from two TOS series enterprise kits. I had heaps of fun mating the two nacelle entry points together. It required heaps of putty and seven attempts to get it in line.

The Photon Torpedo launchers are 1/144 scale F-19 Stealth fighters (quite a cool looking plane - although it never existed!). All of the weapons listed have come from various cannibalised battleship kits. I have used 0.5mm-styrene sheeting for deck plating. I had originally planned to paint this with a metallic sea blue, but it spat and ran everywhere. Don't you just hate the bad batches? Teach me not to test spray. So, I opted for flat black as a sort of "Anti-prise"!

The base is made from a 3/4-inch thick piece of dressed pine and is supported by 0.7mm brass tubing. I glued a picture out of an astronomy magazine onto the surface just for looks. All of the decals were made on Paint Shop Pro 6 and printed with a HP Inkjet printer on copying paper. Even the Mirror Universe logo was drawn from scratch! The stand was hand made from pine and brass. I'd love to say this project was an absolute gem to build, but it almost became mulch when it was knocked off my workbench and snapped the nacelle mounts. I've provided some pics of the pre-painted model before that event. Feel free to drop into my website to see more of my work.

Image: Underneath

Image: Starboard side, unpainted

Image: Top/right perspective view

Image: Underneath perspective view

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